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Valentine's Day Gift Guide: The Ultimate List of Sex Toys and Other Pleasure Products

I have lots of opinions about Valentine's Day and don't even celebrate myself personally. Still, I think if you look at the positive side (a day to celebrate yourself, your partner or friendship) it's a nice day to pamper yourself or a loved one. And I want to say that a nice bouquet of roses costs like $60 and I would much rather have a sex toy. And this is what this guide is about.

Whether you want to get something special for yourself (you obviously deserve it bestie), for your best friend that is in need of some love, or you have a partner and want it to be a special day, I got you. Let's get to it :)

If you, your partner or your bestie have a penis:

  • A box of Tenga Sleeve Eggs: my partner and every person I have gifted one of these, is obsessed. They say the sensation is completely new and cannot be compared to something else. You get 6 eggs per box and the only downside is that you'll want to get another one because sadly, they're disposable.

  • A penis stroker: this one is reusable! The previous one is the only disposable I'll mention and only because they are that good. This stroker is also a fan favorite for many penis owners. It spirals and gives you a wonderful suction sensation by creating an internal vacuum. It's very unique.

  • A penis ring: A vibrating penis ring by WeVibe to be specific. Can be used alone while masturbating and while penetrating someone vaginally or anally. It provides stimulation for both and it just elevates the sex game. This one can also be controlled via their app so it's way easier to use.

  • Condoms, Lube and/or wipes: This is actually for everyone. The lube from Royal is the best one everrrrr and it only has like 5 ingredients and it's compatible with every material, genital and skin type. We love it. Their condoms are very gentle and without any harmful additives.

If you, your bestie or your partner have a vulva (and things for every human as well):

  • A vibrator: Let's start with some basics. I am going to say this lovely person deserves a toy that does the job but that's also cute as fuck. The squishy whale vibe it is. The mouth of the whale is perfect for different kinds of stimulation and it is just too cute. I have mine displayed in the living room.

  • Another vibrator: Gwen molds perfectly to your body. It offers pinpointed stimulation as well as a wider area, depending on your preferences. It's fantastic for the vulva and I am in awe in the way that it sits there, but it also does wonders in every other part of your body, it's easy to hold and the battery lasts forever.

  • A clit suction toy: the Melt from We Vibe takes the price. The feeling is indescribable. This company has won so many awards because their toys are that good. Even the unboxing experience is out of this world.

For couples:

  • A toy designed to use during penetration: The Chorus by WeVibe is very unique and one of the first companies to design toys for couples to use together. This one is thought to be used by the vulva owner while penetration is happening. In my opinion, it can also be used solo and by two vulva owners at the same time. It has a remote control too so... game changer.

  • One to use in public: exactly what you read. The incredible Moxie has a magnet that attaches to your panties so you can wear it hands-free. It obviously also comes with a control remote and can be used through the app. It's wonderful for the movies, supermarket and dinner date. I'd rock this solo too and it would be my own dirty secret. There's no going wrong with this toy. If you're not feeling edgy, it can be used normally like any other vibe.

Okay but enough toys, right? (not for me but I'll switch it up a bit)

These are for everyone!

  • Oil Massage Candle: People usually try to make this day somewhat special and sexy. This is the way. Light some normal candles, plus this massage candle to set the mood, let go and enjoy the night :)

  • Body Oil: The Momotaro Oil is famous for a reason. The high quality ingredients, the smell, the fact that you can rub it on every inch of your body, it moisturizes, nourishes, helps with ingrowns and could easily be confused with an elixir. I use it for my hair and body and absolutely love it. I wish someone talked to me the way I talk about this oil. It's great for massages as well.

  • The reliable Gift Card: seriously! If you don't know them that well, or your budget is limited. a Gift Card can go a long way. Tenga has them.

Hope this gives you some ideas! :)


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