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Sephora Adds Sex Toys to its Shelves - Why It's a Big Deal for Sexual Wellness

Over the last few months I realized that the sex toy brand, Smile Makers is now available at Sephora, which was already a big deal. And now, Maude and Dame have joined the game in the past week.

Why is this such a big deal?

  • Accessibility: We used to have to go to a sketchy sex shop, talk to a sales person (an act that is by itself pretty uncomfortable, no matter what you're buying) and figure out what we wanted to buy. We then evolved to buying them online, but then you had to know about a few brands and go to their websites directly. Now? Now you're literally looking for lip gloss at Sephora and will see some of the best sex wellness brands right there. The transformation has been drastic and I couldn't be happier.

  • It makes it common: There are people that have never seen a sex toy. Some think sex toys look exactly like penises or who knows what. It used to be something you would only see if you were actively looking for them. Now it can finally become something normal. Even if you're not interested in having one yourself (but why wouldn't you?), it can still be something that's not "gross, embarrassing, private, etc" because hopefully, they will be seen in lots of spaces, which will make them as common as condoms.

  • It starts the conversation: just seeing these products on a shelve can spark a conversation. If you see other people buying them, maybe you'll make a comment to a friend and discuss the matter, maybe you'll even feel comfortable and safe enough to buy one for yourself. Such a small thing can make a huge impact on someone's life and if you own a toy, you can imagine what a difference it can make on your pleasure, relationship, confidence and sexual self.

  • It *finally* prioritizes pleasure: Pleasure is the last thing to be taught in SexEd and everywhere else that is not a place specifically designed for it. By allowing these brands to be seen, purchased and loved, they are prioritizing not only pleasure, but sexual wellness as well. Something that is mainly ignored everywhere else but on everyone's minds at all time. We ALL want to feel good and enjoy ourselves, it is what life is about, and now we get to create more and more spaces that make this a possibility.

According to Sephora, now you can find: Everything you need to spice up your life with your partner, reduce stress, ease tension, get to know your body better (and the pleasure it offers) and awaken to a sensuality that is yours for the taking”.

And they couldn't be more right.


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