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Behind the Curtain: My Adventure at an Amsterdam Sex Show

So I went to a live sex show. I felt like it was my duty as a first time visitor and sexologist. I bought tickets for 5PM because the red light district gets extremely crowded at night and I much prefer to do things earlier. I arrived at Moulin Rouge a little earlier than expected at around 4:45 pm. The staff kindly let me in, and I found myself among a small group of seven other curious onlookers. (The "bouncer" and I chatter after the show and he literally invited me to stay with him on my next visit. We don't even know each other's names and he's over 60. Amsterdam is wild.)

The first act was a solo performance by a woman in lingerie who danced seductively to a song. I was surprised when she grabbed a member of the audience and proceeded to stick a pen up her vagina before squatting and writing "sexy boy" on his chest -he was laying on his back-. It looked like she was having a lot of fun, and the audience seemed to be enjoying themselves too.

As the first act ended, a few people left, and the second act began (it was 5PM and shows repeat themselves every hour). It was a couple who were role-playing Little Red Riding Hood and a lumberjack. However, it didn't seem like they were enjoying themselves, and the performance felt more performative than sensual. The only arousing thing about it was the eye contact I made with the lumberjack.

The third act was a solo performance by another woman who had some sort of costume on. She slowly undressed herself while dancing and being playful. At the end of her performance, she grabbed a guy I was chatting with and asked for his help. Once she was fully naked, you could see she had a string hanging from her vagina, which looked like it was silk and thin. The string was around 25 meters long, and the guy helped her pull it out while teasing him, dancing, and having fun. I couldn't help but think it would be a hit at a sex party to break the ice.

The fourth act was another couple, and just like the previous one, it felt like they were just doing their job. While it is their job, it was uncomfortable to watch. They barely showed any signs of pleasure, and there was no moaning or smiling. They changed positions a few times, with minimal oral on either of them (especially her), and left without anyone having an orgasm. It was a bit awkward to watch. I then went to pay for my drink, fell lol and got told a man had paid for it. That was a nice surprise.

Overall, my experience at the live sex show was a mix of curiosity, and disappointment. While some acts were playful, fun, and genuinely enjoyable, others felt like a scripted performance without any real connection or passion. It's definitely not arousing so don't go with this expectation. I feel like other performances that don't involve naked bodies are wayyyyy hotter than what we saw that day.


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