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Ask Alexa: do I really need to be manscaping?

Dear Alexa,

I have been seeing more ads lately about manscaping or shaving the public hair on guys. 1) is this some trend or is it actually a plus? 2) what are some of the pros, cons, benefits of doing so? 3) what are the main reasons why men are doing it. I have never trimmed, touched or shaved down there and am curious now.

Shawn (he/him)

black and white picture of a hairy man holding a coffee /tea cup

Hey there,

It's interesting that you've noticed an increase in ads about manscaping or shaving pubic hair on guys. Let's dive into your questions and explore this topic together.

Is this some trend or is it actually a plus?

Manscaping, or grooming pubic hair, has indeed gained popularity in recent years. While trends can come and go, manscaping is more about personal preference and individual comfort. Whether it's a trend or not, the decision to groom your pubic hair should ultimately be based on what makes you feel confident and comfortable in your own body.

What are some of the pros, cons, and benefits of doing so?

There are various pros and cons to consider when it comes to manscaping.


  • Aesthetics: Some people prefer the look and feel of a groomed or shaved pubic area, finding it more visually appealing or cleaner.

  • Sensation: For some, removing pubic hair can enhance sensitivity and provide different tactile sensations during sexual activities.

  • Hygiene: Trimming or shaving can make personal hygiene easier, as it may reduce odor and make cleaning more accessible.


  • Irritation: Shaving or trimming can sometimes lead to skin irritation, razor burn, or ingrown hairs. Proper technique, quality grooming tools, and aftercare can help minimize these issues.

  • Maintenance: Manscaping requires regular upkeep to maintain the desired look. This may involve regular trimming, shaving, or grooming routines.


  • Comfort: Some individuals find that removing pubic hair can improve comfort during physical activities, such as sports or exercising, by reducing friction and moisture.

  • Confidence: Personal grooming choices can boost self-confidence and body positivity, as it allows individuals to feel more in control of their appearance and express their personal style.

What are the main reasons why men are doing it?

Men choose to manscape for various reasons, and motivations can vary from person to person. Some common reasons include (basically the benefits we stated previously lol):

  • Aesthetics: Many individuals prefer the aesthetic appeal of a groomed or shaved pubic area.

  • Partner preferences: Some men may groom their pubic hair to align with their partner's preferences or to enhance mutual sexual experiences.

  • Hygiene and comfort: Removing pubic hair can make personal hygiene easier and provide a feeling of increased cleanliness and comfort.

It's worth noting that grooming choices are entirely personal. There is no right or wrong way to approach pubic hair grooming—it ultimately depends on what makes you feel good and confident in your own skin. If you're curious about trying it out, I recommend starting slowly and experimenting with different grooming techniques to find what works best for you. Remember to prioritize hygiene, use proper grooming tools, and be gentle with your skin to minimize potential irritation. Embrace your curiosity, and feel free to explore new experiences if they resonate with you. Your body, your choice!

Warm regards,

Alexa x


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