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The Benefits of Period Sex: Why You Should Embrace Your Menstruation

When it comes to period sex, there are a lot of mixed opinions. There's some truth to every argument out there, but none of them have to do with it being a gross activity. Ultimately, I think the pros outweigh the cons, here's why.

Disclaimer that I'm not necessarily talking about penis-in-vagina sex. If you don't feel like it or don't have a partner, you can still masturbate. Masturbation is a form of sex. Solo sex, if you will. (Here are some cool toys if you feel like getting yourself one). Okay now let's get to it.


  • Less pain: Some menstruators, including myself, feel like absolute shit for a few days during (and sometimes before) their period. That doesn't stop me from masturbating because it's been proven that orgasms contract your pelvic muscles and release hormones that reduce the pain of cramps, migraines and other physical discomforts associated with periods.

  • I'm horny: Even if I feel like watching a movie in fetal position with my fuzzy socks and eating something sweet for a big portion of my period, I also get horny af. Some people don't experience this, and they have higher desire during their ovulation, but for a lot of us, it's go time.

  • Natural lubricant: The blood can act as a natural lubricant, which can reduce friction and increase pleasure. Nope, it's not gross, it's just blood and tissue that easily wash away with water. I'd still have some lube at arm's reach just in case you need it. There's no such thing as too much lubrication.

  • Perfect excuse to have shower sex: I'm a big shower sex fan. And "not wanting to make a mess" feels like the perfect reason to have it. Whether it's with your favorite waterproof toy, a partner, or both; it's an ideal form of self care and to get out of your pj's for a bit.

  • Shorter periods: Orgasm contractions can help your period blood come out faster, sometimes resulting in shorter periods. How awesome is that? If you're one of the lucky people that bleed for 3 days, maybe it sounds insignificant, but for the rest of us, it can make all the difference.

  • Mood booster: Orgasms and pleasure release mood-lifting endorphins. They are those feel-good-hormones we wish we could bottle up. Why not pair them with an orgasm? They can also improve your sleep and reduce stress.

  • People do literally anything else while on their periods: Seriously. People go to work, exercise, go to space, skydive, hike the fucking Everest and literally anything else. Why not have sex? Now, let's look at the cons.


  • Higher risk of STIs: This is probably the only con I would count because it's a real issue. The fact that you're bleeding, increases your risks to contract (or spread) an STI. So being on your period is no excuse not to use a barrier method. Besides, you can still get pregnant while on your period.

  • It's "messy": First of all, there are solutions for this, like a towel or a fancier product like those throw blankets they sell for sex. But isn't all sex messy? All good sex at least? By good I mean enthusiastic sex that includes lube and sweat. Also, no one said there's needs to be penetration. You can keep your tampon or menstrual cup in and shift the focus to your amazing, pleasure-inducing clitoris. No mess there (unless you always use a delicious amount of lube, which means you're familiar with messes). Or just do it in the shower...

Now, I'm not saying you have to have period sex. Obviously, don't do anything you don't feel like doing, I just don't want it to come from a place of shame, disgust or misinformation, because what our bodies do is pretty awesome, natural and badass.

Feeling good about ourselves and our bodies, includes those days that we are menstruating. I want all of us to have to stop hiding the fact that we are on our periods, and embrace it instead. The more we normalize periods, incorporate period positivity into our lives, the better sex we'll have. Besides, we all certainly deserve pleasure, treats and fuzzy socks every day of the year.


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