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My Honest Review of Sex Toys: From Luxury Brands to Budget Picks

Last week I put a question box in my Instagram stories allowing people to ask anything about my sex toys. Someone asked me to make a blog entry about it and here we are.

None of this is sponsored, by the way. They're just my opinions. There's a few affiliated links so I get a commission in case you make a purchase (which you absolutely deserve) but I won't tell you where :)

1. What's your most unique toy?

One hundred percent the Womanizer OG by Womanizer because it looks like a spaceship, and it's the only toy in the world -to my knowledge- that has the air oulse techonoly for your g spot. It provides internal stimulation, but you can totallly use it externally as an external suction toy too. It's a pretty intimidating toy. I had it for months before I was brave enough to give it a try. But when I did, i couldn't stop.

2. What is your favorite toy at the moment?

The Buzzfeed AirVibe by Bellesa. I am very biased because this is the only toy -for now- that is able to make me have an orgasm from internal stimulation alone. I talk about it whenever I get the chance because I hope it will make others feel like I have. I don't know if it's shape molds perfectly with my body or the vibration is *just* right, either way it's perfection and it'll have a special place in my heart, always.

3. What is your favorite clit suction toy?

Probably the Melt by We Vibe has an amazing design and provides rhythmic thrumming throughout the full body of the clitoris. We love her. This is a more expensive brand, it's luxury, high quality toys that have won awards. But they're so successful for a reason. Investing in your sexual pleasure and wellness is important and it gives us orgasms. It's a no brainer.

I also want to share what a follower messaged me about spending a bit more for good toys:

"Bellesa is realistically out of my price range but it is soooo worth it. After buying my first Bellesa toy (on sale and still thinking it was expensive) I would easily pay 3x full price. I have owned cheaper toys for years from places like (another brand) and it's not even comparable. Consider it like investing in an excellent pair of shoes or a decent winter coat. The upfront cost is more but you will be grateful you spent the money every time you use it. Dip into those savings girl you deserve it!"

It applies to every high quality brand. Bellesa, Lora DiCarlo, WeVibe, LeWand, Crave, The Knude Society, Je Joue, Jimmy Jane, etc. They're worth it and of course you deserve to enjoy them. Let's keep going.

4. Which wand is most highly rated from you and others?

I really like LeWand Petite. The other wands I've had were either from Amazon (do not recommend) or a really really powerful one that was gifted to me. This last one was my first "real" one and I was surprised about its power because I can only really use it with underwear on and at the lowest setting. I was surprised because I had always heard that The Magic Wand was the strongest one, and LeWand was the closest to it. But this random wand was incredibly powerful and I could barely tolerate it, so how on earth were the others more? I guess they're not. I haven't tried the Magic Wand but the LeWand Petite is not as powerful. It's nice and rumbly and just what I need. It's also so fucking cute.

5. Anything for penises?

Absolutely. I have been trying the Tenga products (by giving them to my partner mostly). And he loves them and says the sensation they bring are within his top 3, especially the Sleeve Eggs and Pockets. I also play with penis rings, which are an amazing way of adding vibration to both people and focusing on clit play while penetration is happening.

I'm aware there aren't as many options for penises as there are for vulvas but it you browse that site, you'll see there are more than you imagine :) and they're worth exploring and trying.

6. What kind of condoms do you use?

I used to not care about the condoms I used, I didn't know any different and just didn't pay attention to those details. Then I tried Royal Natural condoms (they run small so I usually use XL). And it was game changing. All of their products are really gentle on the skin, natural, vegan and overall amazing. Their lube is a favorite of mine because it's the one with the least amount of ingredients (5) I've seen. It's ridiculously good.

7. Anything with CBD?

I love CBD. It helps me relax, reduces my anxiety and I sleep like a baby when I take it. Not only that, but they have similar benefits if we use it on our genitals. It can reduce pain, relax the muscles, lubricate, enhance sensations and more. I've tried a few brands, all of them oil based, which means they are not compatible with condoms but still amazing for solo sex and other sexual activities. My favorite so fat has been from Toca.

8. Recommendations for beginners besides bullets.

You got it.

  • The Gwen by The Knude Society (for the UK). We love her. One of my go-tos when I was nice clit stimulation. It's shape fits my vulva perfectly, it's soft, waterproof and has a really nice size in case you wanted to incorporate during intercourse.

  • The Mimi by JeJoue. It offers deeper, rumbly vibrations instead of just the regular, external buzz. It's cute and has a lovely size.

  • Iroha+ KUSHI. This entire line is fucking adorable. But if you want a different kind of sensation, this toys has it. It can give you a very pinpointed stimulation and different textures. It's also super squishy and soft. It looks like a shell and couldn't be more discreet.

9. Your most beautiful toy!

I think I'll have to say my Vesper by Love Crave. Their mission is admirable. It's a toy that's also a necklace. I never thought wearing such a thing could make me feel so empowered. Not only that, but it's powerful af and the metal allows for some pressure if you're into that.

That's the most beautiful. But the cutest? 100% the Iroha+ YORU. It's a whale. I can't. It's soft, squishy, powerful and you can use any part of it so it's very versatile, while being the most discreet thing ever. I have mine displayed in the living room and it's the best decision I've ever made.

10. How do you clean your toys?

With a gentle soap and water! Easy.

I also have an antibacterial toy cleaner by JimmyJane so when I'm feeling lazy or fancy, I use that.

11. Why is there nothing like an actual penis? (referring to my collection)

Because no one wants to look at an actual penis. We want pretty toys! I might MAYBE in the future have a toy that resembles a penis, maybe. In the meantime, I want cute, functional and nice to look at.


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