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27 questions to find out if you and your partner are sexually compatible

Find out if you and you'r partner are sexually compatible throught these questions. This post is the continuation and bonus content of: 9 Signs of Sexual Compatibility: Are You and Your Partner a Match? I won't waste any of your time, let's get right to it.

Mutual Attraction:

  • Do you feel a strong physical and sexual attraction towards your partner?

  • How often do you experience irresistible chemistry with your partner?

  • Do you find yourself constantly drawn to your partner's physical presence?

Open Communication:

  • Can you openly and comfortably discuss your sexual desires, fantasies, and boundaries with your partner?

  • How often do you have open and honest conversations about your sexual needs and preferences?

  • Do you feel heard and understood when discussing your sexual desires with your partner?

Similar Sex Drive:

  • Are you and your partner on the same page in terms of sexual desire and frequency?

  • How satisfied do you feel with the frequency of sexual activity in your relationship?

  • Do you feel that your sexual needs are adequately met by your partner?

Emotional Connection:

  • Do you feel a deep emotional bond and intimacy with your partner?

  • Do you feel safe around them? Enough to trust them with your body and fully surrender?

  • Do you feel that your emotional connection enhances your sexual experience?

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Exploration and Variety:

  • Are you and your partner open to trying new things and exploring different sexual experiences?

  • How often do you and your partner engage in new sexual adventures together?

  • Are you comfortable discussing and exploring your sexual fantasies with your partner?

Compatibility in Preferences:

  • Do you and your partner have compatible sexual preferences and interests?

  • How often do your preferences align when it comes to sexual activities?

  • Do you feel that your partner understands and respects your sexual preferences?

Mutual Satisfaction:

  • Do you and your partner feel sexually satisfied and fulfilled after engaging in sexual activities?

  • How often do both you and your partner achieve orgasm during sexual encounters?

  • Are you and your partner able to communicate and fulfill each other's sexual needs and desires?

Respect for Boundaries:

  • How comfortable do you feel expressing your limits and consent with your partner?

  • How confident are you that they will listen and respect your boundaries?

  • How often do you and your partner discuss and establish clear boundaries for sexual activities?

Ability to Adapt and Compromise:

  • Are you and your partner willing to adapt and compromise when it comes to sexual preferences and needs?

  • How open are you to trying new things and adjusting your sexual routine to meet your partner's desires?

  • How well do you and your partner find a balance that caters to both of your sexual desires and satisfaction?

These 27 questions provide a comprehensive framework for evaluating and improving sexual compatibility in a relationship. By honestly addressing these questions with your partner, you can enhance communication, understanding, and satisfaction in your sexual relationship. Remember, open-mindedness, respect, and a willingness to adapt are essential for building a strong foundation of sexual compatibility.


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